Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

Training Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

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Training Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

Course Description
This 3-day course is designed to introduce technical professionals to the fundamental aspects of reservoir engineering. Theoretical concepts coupled with numerous practical case histories are presented to assist reservoir and exploitation engineers in their primary functions – the determination of oil and gas reserves and the maximization of hydrocarbon recovery under primary, secondary, and tertiary schemes. Field development of unconventional gas reservoirs including shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane (CBM) will also be covered. The application of horizontal wells and a number of new technologies will also be reviewed. The sessions will include a number of relevant class problems and examples.

Course Outline

Petroleum Geology
Rock and Fluid Properties
Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
Reserves Determination
Deterministic (Volumetric and Material Balance) and Probabilistic Techniques
Production Forecast using Decline Analysis Empirical Methods
Non-Conventional Gas Reservoirs
Flow in Porous Media
Well Test Design, Planning and Analysis
Fluid Coning and Water Influx
Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Schemes
Waterflooding: Planning, Predicting Oil Recovery and Performance Monitoring
Horizontal Well Applications


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