Procurement process is like supply chain process which shall become a bridge from user to achieve project goal or smooth operation.   Procurement must begin with good planning.  User shall establish all requirement which possible to obtain best service and good in line with the price. Procurement process start with describing what do they want to procure in the procurement document and processing with reasonable period for bidder to reply and submit proposal. Bidder shall also be given sufficient period to review procurement document, preparation, calculate price and make proposal. Beside bidder shall also review contract conditions. Whenever some of articles do not sufficient to execute service, there will be an exit clause that bidder shall be treating fair and reasonable. Contract negotiation is part of procurement process and shall be linked into procurement process. After contract signing both parties must be fulfill contract conditions. If there is misinterpretation each party must treat according to the articles specified in contract. That much better procurement process prepare with complete at the beginning to avoid any dispute which arise later.

This workshop shall explain procurement process and contract monitoring since beginning until completion and acceptance. Procurement shall be start with making procurement plan, conduct make or buy analysis, nominated vendor and describe procurement scheme.  Beside prepare contract to vendor, choosing type of contract, payment, acceptance and hand over.   Of course procurement process shall be related to other parties which related to procurement. This Training is also provide how to efficiently managing the procurement and contract. Brief and clear scope among the parties and smooth in execution as specified in contract. All preparation and good execution shall impact to reach target of project and smooth operation.



  1. What is Procurement Process

  2. How to conduct complex purchasing

  3. How to make procurement plan

  4. How to make scheme of procurement

  5. How to conduct make or buy analysis

  6. How to make procurement document

  7. What is prequalification and nominated vendor

  8. How to monitor procurement process

  9. How to negotiate price

  10. How to developing draft contract

  11. How to manage contract administration

  12. How to know relationship between procurement and contract

  13. How to choose contract type

  14. How to monitoring contract execution

  15. How to close contract

  16. How to conduct procurement audit



Ir. Setyawan Hardan, M.Sc & Team

S1: Mechanical Engineering Department Bandung Institute of Technology, 1977
Topics For Instructors
A. Mechanical Engineering.

  • MaintenanceManagement/Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance ofplant
  • Failure Analysis
  • MeasurementFundamentals
  • WeightManagementTools
  • Pump&Compressor
  • GasTurbine
  • Steam Turbines
  • Piping
  • GasEngine
  • Boiler
  • DieselEngine
  • CombustionProcess
  • Welding
  • Metallurgy&MetalTesting
  • includingDestructiveTest(DT &) andNon DestructiveTest(NDT)
  • Rigging
  • Metrology
  • CraneOperation&Maintenance
  1. Management / Human Resource Development
  • Leadership, leadershipKubik
  • GeneralAffairsManagement
  • Human Resource Management
  • PrePurna Bhakti
  • Supervisorymanagement
  • Projectfeasibilitystudy
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • ModernWarehouseAndInventoryControl
  • Conflict Management
  • CustomersServiceExellence
  • EQAt Work
  • TimeManagement
  • StressManagement
  • MaintenanceManagement/Maintenance/MaintenancePlannersMgt.
  • Change Management
  • Decision Making
  • ManagementSecretary
  • Transportation Management
  • People ManagementSkill
  • RootCausedAnalysis
  • Performance Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • ManagementOfTraining
  • Clean Production, CleanDevelopment Mechanism/CDM.
  • Risk Management
  • SupplyChain Management
  • ManagementContract
  • Self-Estimated Price
  • CorporateCulture(Corporate Culture)
  • Assertiveness
  • BalancedScorecard
  • Fraud Management
  • LeanManufacturing

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